Lawn Care Program

Lawn care program

Funk Lawn Care provides homeowners and businesses with professional weed and insect control along with the nutritional care required for a superior lawn.

WNY’S Premier Liquid Weed and Feed Company  Outstanding Results with Exceptional Value!

We will provide up to 5 seasonal treatments of our exclusive “Miracle of Roots” Liquid Rain Fertilizer.  For your total satisfaction, we will also add in Pro-Biotic organic root stimulant, and controls for weed and crabgrass at various times to 100% of your turf areas.  We guarantee you a trouble-free lawn, one that you will enjoy and admire all season long… Liquid!  It’s Just Better!

Refer a Friend and receive your choice of a $25 account credit or a $15 gas card.
Referral must be a new customer and order a minimum 4 treatment lawn care program.

1 – SPRING TREATMENT (Applied April 1 – May 31)

We will rejuvenate your lawn with the unseen miracle of our “roots” fertilizers along with a balanced blend of other nutrients. We will then strategically apply weed and crabgrass controls to meet turf requirements. This sets the stage for the greenest, thickest, and healthiest lawn possible.

2 – EARLY SUMMER TREATMENT (Applied May 15 – July 10)

Continues to prepare the lawn for your summer months of activities. Once again, we use our miracle of “roots” fertilizers, and also enhance them with time-released nitrogen along with balanced nutrients. Weed and crabgrass control strategies continue as needed.

3 – SUMMER TREATMENT (Applied July 1 – August 30)

Maintains color and health during those warm summer days. We use balanced fertilizers blended with time released nitrogen. Thorough inspections and controls for weeds are applied as needed.

4 – LATE SUMMER TREATMENT (Applied August 20 – October 31)

We again include our miracle of “roots” fertilizers and balanced nutrients to help the grass recover from any summer dormancy. We will apply weed control throughout the lawn and time-released nitrogen when needed.

5 – FALL WINTERIZER TREATMENT (Applied October 15 – December)

The Funk Lawn Care exclusive micro-nutrient enhanced nitrogen with iron, and a heavy rate of balanced fertilizer are applied. This will establish the deepest root system needed for cooler fall and winter temperatures. Weed control becomes an option depending on turf conditions.

Organic Granular Lawn Program This program provides an organic granular fertilizer with Nitrogen and Potassium nutrients, Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium. This will green and thicken your turf and help reduce weed infestations. NO weed control and NO pesticides are used.

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