Services to Enhance your Home, Lawn and Landscape

FUNK LAWN CARE has many treatments and services that will help your lawn stay healthy and beautiful. These services may be added to any of our treatment programs to round out your total lawn care package.

Please ask any FUNK LAWN CARE representative or technician for more information on any of these services.
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A lime treatment will help to “sweeten” the soil and correct pH imbalances. It will also enable fertilizers and minerals to be utilized more freely and evenly to ensure that your lawn reaches its full growth potential.

Recommended every year and a must for all new lawns.


Grubs will attack your lawn below the surface feeding on the roots. Left unattended the damage they cause can lead to costly renovations.

The best time to treat is September and/or any time they are present.



Soil compaction and a heavy thatch layer will restrict a lawn from reaching it’s full potential. This mechanical removal of soil cores allows air, moisture, and nutrients to travel freely below the surface helping to develop a deeper/stronger root zone and mass.

This treatment is offered in the spring and fall and is recommended once each year.


Spring and Fall are ideal times to fertilize plantings to promote health and vigor. This unique multi-nutrient fertilization process is performed with hydraulic soil injections deep into the root zone.


This new turf damaging insect feeds on the grass roots and stems leaving the lawn sparse with an off color cast throughout. In Spring, the larva come out of the ground and can be seen on driveways, sidewalks, and curb areas in masses. In Fall, the adults merge from the ground, mate and lay new eggs. They look similar to a an over sized mosquito with long legs. It is common to see the adult crane fly gather on the side of houses in late summer or early fall. The best time to treat is Fall and/or Spring when they are present.

The key to fending off common WNY turf diseases is to create a proper soil structure. This nutrient based granular treatment is fortified with organic matter designed to suppress and combat the outbreak of diseases such as Red Thread, Dollar Spot and Rust.


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We provide timely treatments for control of annoying grasses/weeds in these hard areas. We can do fence lines to help minimize mechanical trimming. We also treat stone beds, patios, pavers, driveways, curbs, parking lots, empty fields and more. Treatments are done spring and late summer.

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