Frequently Asked Questions

AbbeyEveryone has questions….what sets FUNK LAWN CARE apart from the rest, is our ability to answer your questions honestly and with your lawn’s health and beauty in mind.

Here are some of the most common questions asked.

Is advanced payment required?
Absolutely not. You will be invoiced after each treatment throughout the year.

Can I make a payment on-line?
Yes. We accept Master card and Visa. Simply click the Pay My Bill button. You will then be directed to a secure payment page to enter your credit card payment.


Pay My Bill

When will my weeds disappear?
Your weeds will start to curl in 24 hours, but they will take 3-5 weeks to completely disappear. Cold weather or hot/dry weather can slow down the decomposition process because the plants are not actively growing.
With fertilizer, your turf will respond and begin to green up in 7-10 days with proper moisture levels.

Are your products harmful to children and pets?
The products FUNK LAWN CARE uses are safer than many commonly used household products. It is recommended to stay off your lawn until the treatment is dry. Our Recommended Program provides a much safer and effective alternative than doing your own lawn.

Do I have to be home for each treatment?
NO! After each treatment, your service technician will leave an invoice showing the date and type of treatment you received and any special instructions, if needed. A return envelope will be enclosed for your remittance.

What if it rains after a treatment?
It is a fact that rain is very beneficial to fertilizers, pre-emergent crabgrass controls, and insect control. If a weed control has been applied and results seem affected, call our office for further information or to schedule a FREE re-spray.

What if I just seeded?
We can fertilize for you right away. We do not want to use pesticides until the lawn is more developed, which is after 3 mowings.

Do I have to call each year?
No! For your convenience your service will be CONTINUOUS YEAR AFTER YEAR. However, we will send you a reminder letter each spring. We will notify you of any prior adjustments and give you an opportunity to save by prepaying. You can change or stop your service at any time. Simply send in a written notice for your protection and our records.


Will you prevent all insect and disease problems?
With each continued visit we attempt to keep them under control. We will formulate seasonal protectants for specific trees and shrubs, and with proper fertilization we will keep problems to a minimum.

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